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Certified Automotive Locksmith

  • 90Days
  • 89Steps


Filled with hours of Hands-On instructional videos, our Certified Automotive Locksmith class was designed to provide you with a fun and comprehensive method of training which allows individuals to enter the lucrative field of automotive locksmithing with certification. We have developed a tested 3 step process for completing add a key and all keys lost jobs in a simple, timely, and cost efficient manner. Our method has been used by our family for over 70 years. This class aims to equip individuals with the skills necessary to excel in programming, lock repair, and vehicle access, offering a flexible and accessible education that enables them to pursue careers in this field. We don't teach you just enough to be a "locksmith". We teach you the inner workings of car keys including transponder chip types, blades, FCC ID's, and even how to build your own keys. By the end of this course not only will you be an "automotive specialist", but the best and most knowledgeable automotive specialist in your area. This course includes Automotive Locksmith Certification and Locksmith Association Membership upon completion. This course covers add a key and all keys lost situations and includes the following: Vehicle Opening Vehicle Lock Replacement and Repair Reducing Stock Building Your Own Keys/Smart Keys/Remotes GM Ignition Extraction Honda Ignition Extraction/Rebuilding Key Identification Lishi Tool Picking & Decoding Key Impressioning Tibbe Keys High Security Keys Making Keys in All Keys Lost Situations Transponder Chip Identification Transponder Chip Cloning Transponder Identification, Production, & Key Building FCC ID Identification & Generation Programming Transponder Keys Programming Remotes Programming Smart Keys Tips & Tricks of Automotive Code Cutting Keys Key Programmers A Locksmith Business & Marketing Course & Much More!

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